Jumprope Wordpress Plugin

A plugin for eastily posting your Jumpropes to your Wordpress blog.

1. Download Plugin

Download the latest version (v1.0.32) of the plugin.

2. Install Plugin to your Wordpress blog

Within the Admin section of your blog, go to Plugins -> Add New, then click on the Upload Plugin button to reveal the upload plugin section. Browse to find the zip file you downloaded in step 1 and click the Install Now button.

Once the plugin is uploaded and installed, click on the Activate Now button to set your plugin live.

If you have a previous version of the Jumprope plugin installed, you must Deactivate and then Delete it from your Installed Plugins section before installing a new version.

3. Log in to Jumprope with plugin

Next, go to Settings -> Jumprope and then click on the Settings tab. Enter your Jumprope username and password to authenticate so we can show your Jumpropes when posting.

4. Post your Jumprope

If you use the new Gutenberg editor, you can add a Jumprope block and choose the Jumprope you want to post. Within the block, you have the choice of where you want to place the resources and can click on the <> button to modify the html before posting.

If you still use the original code editor, you can use the Jumprope shortcode to include your Jumprope:

[jumprope code=TwtreM6k]

To get the code that should be included in the Jumprope shortcode, you can either look for the code at the end of your jumprope.com guide url or reach out to us for help and we'll get the code to you.

The URL for the guide above is https://jumprope.com/g/install-jumprope-wordpress-plugin/TwtreM6k and you can see the code at the very end of the URL.

Install Jumprope Wordpress Plugin by travisj on Jumprope.